We Offer Superior Charter Service

For groups looking to rent a charter bus, Pioneer Transportation can be an ideal travel resource. Using a school bus for your group can help you cut out a potentially significant travel expense, giving you more money to spend on other aspects of your event. This service is also reliable – our fleet of buses receive expert maintenance, and are driven by a team with an impressive safety record. We have proven ourselves as a superior transportation service by overseeing the safety of New York’s children, and we can offer you an ideal solution for your traveling needs.

School bus transportation services provided by Pioneer Transportation help a whopping 40,000 New York City school children make their way to and from school each day. If you are looking for a charter bus, we are ready to help! Renting a charter bus for your group transportation needs can help you arrange a cost-saving transportation plan. You can also enjoy professional service from experienced drivers, who can make sure your drive to and from your destination goes smoothly!

Take Advantage of Our Fifty Years of Experience Offering New York City Bus Service

Are you looking for someone who knows their way around New York City? Pioneer Transportation has moved people in, out, and around the city for fifty years! Our company continues to prove that we are more than capable of helping people work out their transportation needs. You and your group can stretch out in your seats and look forward to an easy ride from a driver with considerable experience moving a bus through New York streets.

Rely on Superior Charter Service from Pioneer Transportation

Pioneer Transportation provides great service to New York City schools on a daily basis, and we are ready to help you with an event by offering fantastic charter service. Find out why our experienced team has been trusted to handle city bus services for fifty years by calling our Staten Island office at 718-984-8077, or reach out to our Bronx office by calling 718-931-5450.