Safe And Reliable Transportation

School bus transportation is considered the safest form of transportation for New York City children heading to or from school each day. Pioneer Transportation has more than fifty years of experience ensuring that kids are enjoying safe and reliable transportation, with more than 40,000 students each day who depend on us to move them safely. We make every effort to keep all vehicles in terrific condition, and we only work with drivers who have our full trust to provide superior service. Hiring Pioneer Transportation can ensure safety, and a smooth ride for students!

Maintaining Dependable Vehicles

Our entire fleet of buses receives expert mechanical attention so that they stay in terrific working order. This effort to keep all of our vehicles running without issue is about more than just efficiency – preventing automotive troubles keeps your children out of situations where their vehicle might stall, or become difficult to navigate. When your children are on their way home, or on their way to school, they are being carried in buses that can be counted on to arrive safely.

Our Drivers Are Ready to Take Care of Your Kids

The drivers we hire at Pioneer Transportation are trained to provide perfect route service every day. Thanks to the service of these talented and dedicated drivers, our track record for successful service has ensured continued work with the New York City Department of Education. Safe bus transportation is essential to bringing kids to and from school – our bus drivers understand the importance of their roles, and we continue to be impressed by their dedication and safety!

Enjoy Great Bus Service from Pioneer Transportation!

New York City schoolchildren have relied on bus service from Pioneer Transportation for fifty years. In that time, we have maintained a remarkable safety record, and given parents important peace of mind regarding the safety of their kids. With more than 40,000 students being served daily, Pioneer Transportation can be the ideal choice for your bus service needs! To learn more about how we can help you, you can reach our Staten Island location by calling 718-984-8077, or call our Bronx location at 718-931-5450.