Pioneer Transportation has offered more than fifty years of reliable, safe transportation for New York City schools. We currently provide school bus transportation services for more than 40,000 schoolchildren – each day, our fleet of buses offers a seamless travel experience. Our track record can give parents peace of mind, and ensure that your school has reliable support in taking kids to and from classes. To make sure every school day’s travels are a success, we hold drivers to the highest standards, and take care to ensure all of our buses are in terrific shape.

Count on School Bus Service with Decades of Experience

The bus service you rely on for transportation takes responsibility for the health and safety of your students every day. When you entrust this responsibility to Pioneer Transportation, you can count on a company that has more than fifty years of experience taking care of kids. We have continually shown ourselves to be a leader in school bus transportation in New York City, and we are ready to help you give your kids a reliable means of moving to and from school on a daily basis.

We Provide Seamless Service for New York City Schools

Pioneer Transportation aims to make transportation service seamless every day for our New York City schools. With our careful screening of potential drivers, and our efforts to maintain a fantastic safety record, we can make sure your kids have a route to and from their classes that they can always count on. We understand that kids thrive on consistency, and your school needs to know that kids are arriving at school and home safely each day.

Rely on Pioneer Transportation for Your School’s Transportation Needs!

Pioneer Transportation has proven to be a leader in school bus transportation in New York City for more than fifty years. You can rely on our services to give your kids reliable transportation every day, and ensure that everyone enjoys a safe, dependable experience. To discuss using Pioneer Transportation’s school bus service, call our Staten Island location at 718-984-8077, or call our Bronx location at 718-931-5450.